Does spray tanning protect me from the sun?

Siren Sunless Mist is located in Irvine and Anaheim Hills. Or for your convenience and a more relaxed private environment we will come to your home or office

Where is Siren Sunless Located?

This choice is up to each individual. You can wear a bikini, swimsuit,     G-string, bra and panties (all in dark colors) or be naked; it’s entirely up  to you. Male clients must wear tight underwear, shorts, or board shorts.

What to wear?

Depending on the skin type, a tan will last 7 to 10 days. Keep in mind, during your first shower, the top layer of bronzer will wash off. Similar   to a suntan, the sunless tan will gradually fade, as your skin naturally exfoliates.

How long does spray tanning last?

Full body sessions take approximately 15 minutes, and the solution dries in seconds.

How long does a session take?

What is the solution and is it safe?

Yes, Sunless tanning is a safe and proven method of obtaining a tan. The solution base includes Eco Cert DHA & Eco Cert Organic Aloe Vera, Coffee Bean Extract, and Grapefruit seed extract to nourish your skin!

NO! Spray tanning does not protect you from the sun. It is recommended that a sunscreen be applied when in the sun.